Lisa CattoHello! This is the home of the Social Media Deconstructed podcast for authors. This weekly podcast is hosted by me—social media strategist Lisa Catto—and has short episodes you can fit in on a lunch break or commute.

I want you to leave each episode with tangible tips you can begin using immediately in your social media work for your author brand, and a better understanding of how to think about using social media going forward.

About me

I’ve been working in public relations and social media for 15 years, mostly in higher education. When I began writing many years ago, my author friends started asking me for social media advice. I want to take some of the questions I get most frequently and help more authors.


Do you have ideas?

Are there topics you would like to see covered on the podcast? Please email your ideas to me.


Get support between episodes

I’ve launched a free Facebook group to offer ongoing social media support. I’m building a community where you can ask questions, share ideas, and learn what other authors are doing.