A challenge many authors face when establishing or growing their social media presence is finding that balance of privacy. How much of your “real life” should you share with your readers?

Social media is built on being authentic. To build relationships with your readers, you want to be able to connect with them on a human level. But how do you do that on public accounts while protecting your privacy?

This episode of Social Media Deconstructed gives you actionable steps to determine how private you need to be with your readers and how to decide what you’re willing to share on your public accounts. After this episode, you’ll no longer feel that moment of panic that you are over- or under-sharing.

Social Media Deconstructed is a podcast to help authors use social media more efficiently and effectively. Social media can be a time suck for a lot of authors and some platforms are downright confusing. This show provides practical tips and advice to up your social media game immediately.


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3: Privacy and Social Media